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Aloha! Hello!


"Making an effect on the world by helping those who help others, one person at a time." 

Welcome to my little corner of the web.

You’ve been running your business, doing the best you can with limited time to do it all. You spend your time helping your clients transform their health, yet you also need time to focus on promoting your business.

You feel overwhelmed because you wear so many hats as the sole person in your business. When you peek over to other people’s website you feel a tinge of envy that their website looks so much more pulled together than yours. Then, ding! You hear the alarm for another client appointment to talk about their how their new wellness program is going. So you quickly brush the thought under the rug and get back to the task at hand.

Everywhere you look, whether it be another website or a competitor’s new social media post about their new wellness services, you wish that your visuals were as modern and eye catching as theirs. You know that averting your eyes from your business image isn't working anymore. You know it's time for a update.

You are finally at the point where you’re ready to get some outside help.

Aloha! Hello! Graphic designer at your service:
My name is Tiane Tuliao and I’m a graphic designer who works with health and wellness business owners. They are unhappy with their website, don’t have the time to upgrade it themselves, and haven’t found the right person to translate their ideas. I help them create a professional website that makes a great first impression to attract more clients to their business.

My reasons for helping health and wellness professionals:
The reason I wanted to focus in on working with others in the health and wellness industry, is that my whole life I have challenged health issues whether it be small or large. One example: I had a ulcer when I was in college. It eventually healed, but since then I always had a sensitive stomach. There were countless times when I felt hopeless that I could ever find the solution to my pain. Sometimes I would be out of commission for up to a week which would throw all my plans out the window. I didn’t think there was a solution and I just thought I had to accept that ‘this is my life.’ It wasn’t until I started working with a health coach did I finally find the solutions that was adaptable to my lifestyle. Through this experience and many others, of working with compassionate coaches and doctors, I was able to find the best remedies to become the best version of myself.

I am so appreciative to each individual that has guided me along my path. In turn, I want to be able to assist more like-minded people to expand their business so they can help more people. I truly believe that with the help of professionals like them, the world can be a better place. With their help, people will no longer be functioning and stepping into the world with pain or depression controlling their mood and actions. Instead, they’ll step out into the world with a renewed sense of hope and optimism!

Helping others with my gifts, so they can achieve success, now:
I decided to use my gifts to help those who help others. I chose to study graphic design as my degree because it gave me the full spectrum to learn everything else in between; like website design, advertising and logo design. Growing up, I wanted to be a painter since I wanted to do something that related to creating and playing with different colors. When I was in high school I took an aptitude test. Of all the options I was teetering between two potential career paths. It was a battle between Architecture or Graphic Design. I chose graphic design because it gave the flexibility to adapt my skills to any industry.

Today, I enjoy working one on one with people to create visually appealing graphics to promote their businesses. I truly get charged up when helping others translate the ideas that are in their minds, into a visually engaging image. My favorite part of this work is when I surprise a client with a new idea after our brainstorming session. Recently, after presenting an idea to a client she told me, "I didn't think of that before, but I love it!".

I have been helping business owners on different levels of the spectrum in their business.
From entrepreneurs who are just starting out, to business owners who have been in business for a longer time.

For the entrepreneurs, I create logos and build websites. I really enjoy working with them because they are so eager and passionate about what they are trying to do since their businesses at that budding stage.

For the more seasoned business owners, I help them update their website and make new images to promote their business. I enjoy working with them because they are mostly no fuss individuals who have a clear direction of where they want to go.

I also help clients manage and create posts for their social media. I added this to my services after working with my clients and completing their new brand kit of a logo and website, only to realize that they needed this extra piece to market themselves. My client’s always have a full todo list without the time to do it all, let alone be consistent enough to keep them active in the social media stream.

I solve that problem by offering reasonably priced monthly packages to keep them relevant and in front of their ideal customers. Most large companies have a dedicated team or outside agency to manage their social media. Plus this isn't a drain of energy for me since I really LOVE all aspects of social media and love staying current on the trends. Face filters for Snapchat and Instagram are my favorite things to goof around with. I could be a queen one day or a cute puppy the next second!

I honed my skills working with large and small businesses:
I’ve been doing this for over 10 years now. I received my Bachelor's degree from Otis College of Art + Design which is based in Los Angeles, California. After college, I was hired to work with a number of Fortune 500 companies such as Mattel, Disney, and Yahoo. Yet, I have always fully enjoyed working one on one with business owners like yourself.

Make a great first impression with your business:  
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