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Refresh your Homepage with 8 Revamped Images

You’ve been meaning to update your website, but you’ve been so busy helping your clients that you haven't had time to do it. You feel envious when you check out other people’s business websites. Yours just doesn't look as modern as theirs.

You feel frustrated that your website look isn’t what you had hoped it would be. You worry that potential clients may be bypassing your site because it looks outdated.

You feel stuck. You’ve tried to have someone help you, but they’ve never been able to successfully translate your ideas. They just didn’t get it.

You don’t know what else you can do.

You wish you could just press the refresh button on your browser to instantly refresh your homepage. You want to feel confident that your website is making a great first impression when people look you up.

You’re ready to feel excited instead of embarrassed to share your website address with potential clients. You imagine the joy you’ll feel as your business grows with new clients simply because they came across your website homepage and liked what they saw.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You feel ‘website shame’ because if feels so outdated.
  • You feel like you have to settle for the website you have since you don’t know what you can do to make it better.
  • You’re afraid that you are losing potential business because of your website.
  • You cringe every time your website loads and think ‘Oh yeah, I need to update that image.’
  • You wonder why your website never seems to have return visitors or that no one reaches out to you through your contact form.

You’ve found the right person to help you!

I’m a graphic designer and I help business owners upgrade their website. You’ll get the design help you need in order to have a professional website homepage that makes a great first impression to attract more clients to your business.

I’ll help you by creating upgraded images so you can refresh your website homepage. When we’re done, you’ll feel more confident that your homepage is making the best impression you envision.

After we work together, your homepage will...

  • Look professional. It’ll look like it was carefully and thoughtfully designed.
  • Reflect your vision. It will finally feel more like you.
  • Have a modern feel. You’ll feel proud of it’s new look and feel.
  • Create a great first impression with potential clients. At first glance, they’ll feel like they are in the right place.
  • Keep potential clients on your website a little longer. They’ll learn more about what you offer and how you can help them.

This package includes:

‘Getting to Know You’ Prep work
You'll receive a questionnaire to complete before our call. You’ll answer questions about your business and what you want. Your responses will help us get to the heart of our conversation from the start of our upcoming phone call.

‘Kick off’ Session
We’ll chat on the phone for 30 minutes to dive even deeper into your ideas. Then, together we’ll decide which images need a revamp or need to be created from scratch. You’ll be able to have up to 8 new images for your homepage. Over the next week I'll revamp or create the images we've selected. Once they're ready for you to view, we'll move on to the presentation.

Try it on for Size’ Presentation
In a 30-minute phone call, we'll look over the new images and see how they'd look on your homepage. Then, we'll discuss potential edits.

‘Special Delivery!’
Within 1 week of the presentation call, you’ll receive your new images for approval. Once approved, you’ll then be able to install them immediately to your website.

‘Just One More Refresh’ Session
We’ll schedule a 30 minute call to answer any additional questions and you’ll hear a handful of recommendations that you can apply to your other website pages to make it look as fresh as possible.

Just think, you can finally feel confident that you are making the best first impression so you can attract more clients.

Investment: $99

Ready to press ‘REFRESH’ on your website homepage? Wonderful! Let’s get started!

Step 1. Click the green button above, to be taken to my scheduler to set the date for your Kick Off Call. Payment will be required to reserve your spot.

Step 2. Within 24 hours, you’ll receive a cheerful email from me with further instructions and your questionnaire to fill out before our call.

Step 3. We’ll jump on our call at the scheduled time and kick off your project.

Have questions? I would be happy to answer any of your questions.

Email me at aloha@tianetuliao.com

It was a process and Tiane helped me through it as I am picky but at the same time don’t know exactly what I want! I needed guidance and Tiane helped me through it!
— Paula Morizono, Pilates Instructor

I would say that Tiane is very efficient and organized, that she guides you through the process. It was a great experience. I felt that she really listened to me and got my vision of what I wanted.
— Michael Goff, Owner of 4 Star Gym