OWL Website - Next Steps

What to expect as we start gearing up for your project.


Phase 1 - Onboarding Process
*While you wait, for Phase 1 to complete, you can skip to Phase 2 (below) to get a jump start on next steps. 

✅  1. APPROVED ESTIMATE: You approve the estimate. 

✅  2. CONTRACT AND DEPOSIT: Tiane will create contract and invoice for deposit.

✅  3. REVIEW CONTRACT & DEPOSIT: You will receive the contract for review and invoice via Paypal. Please review and let me know if you have any questions.

✅  4. SIGN CONTRACT:  If all looks well, then sign the contract in Hello Sign.

✅  5. PAY INVOICE: Via Paypal for deposit.

✅  6. CONFIRMATION: You will receive confirmation that both contract and deposit has been received.

7. SCHEDULE MEETING: Tiane will contact you to schedule our next meeting

8. PROJECT STARTER KIT: Within 1 business day of receipt of signed contract/deposit, you'll receive your kit via email. This will give you further directions so that we can kick-off your project.  

Phase 2 - Prep Work
Here is what you can do while you wait to begin. 

  1. Gather all your copy into one place. (I will send you a link where you can copy and paste all of your copy.)
    Sections needed:
    - Bios
    - Services
    - Mission Statement
  2. List of all social media account with log-ins. Email and passwords.
  3. Start drafting your script for your introduction video.
  4. Decide how many different email addresses you want.
    Ex: dtuliao@onewaylogic.com? or spelled out...