Need help with you social media/blog post graphics? I can help with that! 

Graphic Bundle Packages

These packages are perfect for business owners who tired of creating their own graphics. You are finally ready to take it off your ever growing to-do list. 


Monthly Package - Graphics Creation

Instead of squeezing in time in your busy schedule creating last minute graphics to post on your social media channels, hire me to create your graphics.


  • Instagram - 8 images
  • Pinterest - 8 images
  • Twitter - 8 images
  • Facebook - 8 images

    *Flexible - If you are not active on all social media channels, graphics can carry over to creation for the active SM channel.

If you are blogging....


Vacation Package - Graphics Creation and Posting

Go ahead, enjoy your vacation without feeling guilty that you should still be showing up on your customers feeds. Hire me to create your graphics and post it to your social media channels while you are on trip. 


  • Instagram - 8 images
  • Pinterest - 8 images
  • Twitter - 8 images
  • Facebook - 8 images
  • Posting all images on each channel

What to expect


Brainstorm and Collaboration

To kick off our project I will be sending you a very thorough customer questionnaire assignment so that I understand what your business's message and themes are. 



I will head into my creative cocoon and begin. Along the way, we will have presentation meetings (via phone or video) so that I can create the best visuals to portray your business. 

Special Delivery!

The finish line! Once you sign off on approval, you'll receive a digital delivery of all your graphics. You will then have all the graphics that you need towards your upcoming launch.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this for me?

This is for you if you have...
- At least one active social media account
- Have a general idea of the content that you want to post. If you have a editorial calendar even better, but not necessary.

Will you also reply to comments or questions made on my account from other users? 

Unfortunately, I do not offer that service. Hiring a 'Social Media Manager' would a better person to fulfill that role. 


How much will this cost? Do you take payment plans?

Monthly plans are $200/month, but if you sign up for longer commitments you will get a discount - $570 for 3 months and $1,1110 for 6 months. 

What if I already have my images all ready but I just need you to post it for me. Can you do that? 

Yes! I would be happy to do that! Contact me by clicking here to schedule a call. We will discuss exactly what your needs are and then I'll send you an estimate.   

She asks you questions to make sure that the final product is what you desired. Our final products exceeded our expectations!
— Randall and Kacie Blackman, Creators of Veggie Byte


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