Terms and Conditions for ‘Homepage Refresh' Service

Services Rendered: Up to 8 images will be created or modified to be added to one website homepage. Three 30 minute calls to discuss and review the project. 

Services Not Included: Adding images to website. Ongoing design support. Purchase of stock photography or graphics. 

Cancellations: Customer may cancel within the next 24 hours of purchase. Please email aloha@tianetuliao.com to cancel. Once 24hrs has passed, work will commence and no refunds will be given.

Before work is completed: Each image can have up to 2 rounds of revisions to the selected design. There will be an additional fee for additional revisions past 2 rounds. 
If major changes are needed: (Example: Design direction is completely changed) A 'Design Change Form' will need to be filled out. Please note, this will delay the completion of services.
After work is completed: A separate design agreement will need to be created. 

Completion of Services: Completion is expected to be 2 weeks from kick off call. Completion may be pushed back based on client's and designer's availability for scheduled meetings. Client will be emailed the completed images. If a 'Design Change Form' has been completed (see section 'Changes/Revisions' section) completion of services will be delayed.

Right to Change Pricing and T&C: It will be updated at designer’s discretion. As long as you have completed payment via Paypal, your price is locked in. If you would like to use this service again, you will need to pay the current posted price.